That Went Well

That Went Well

The Pulphouse Kickstarter has come and gone. Thank you to all who supported it.

When starting the project we were all excited, and a bit nervous. Excited by the prospect of bringing back an amazing magazine that has been out of print for 21 years. Nervous because we didn’t know how many people actually wanted it to come back.

As it turns out, there are a lot of people who are as excited as we are about Pulphouse. When we launched (<– Purposeful choice of words there) the campaign took off like a rocket. We asked you all for $5,000 to make this magazine a reality. Twenty-one days later, we were amazed to see that we reached $35,000, with all three stretch goals reached, and a new mascot. As Dean would say, (grin).

We are ecstatic that so many of you lent your support to the return of Pulphouse. Dean is currently hard at work assembling Issue Zero, which we are hoping to have out by the end of November to all of the Kickstarter backers.

Thank you again to everyone who has made this project possible. The covers you see below exist because of your enthusiasm.

We look forward to reading along with you.
-Josh Frase


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