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Pulphouse Fiction Magazine: Issue #19
Edited by Dean Wesley Smith

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After twenty years, Pulphouse Fiction Magazine returns!

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine made its return in 2018, twenty years after its last issue. Each new issue contains about 70,000 words of short fiction. This reincarnation mixes some of the stories from the old Pulphouse days with brand-new fiction. The magazine has an attitude, as did the first run. No genre limitations, but high-quality writing and strangeness.

Old Pulphouse Magazine Subscriptions

If you had a subscription to the old Pulphouse: A Fiction Magazine, please write to subscriptions@wmgbooks.com and tell them you were a subscriber to the old Pulphouse: A Fiction Magazine.

If you remember how many issues you had left when the old magazine shut down, tell us and we will credit you with that many of the new magazine. If you can’t remember (because we can’t either) we will give you a full year (4 issues) in electronic format of the new Pulphouse Fiction Magazine.

Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch