Collection: Annie Reed

Award-winning writer and editor Kristine Kathryn Rusch praises Pulphouse Fiction Magazine regular Annie Reed as “one of the best writers of her generation” and for good reason.

Annie’s won awards in categories as diverse as her writing. She’s been honored with appearances in five year’s best mystery and crime volumes, including an amazing three years in a row in the Best Mystery Stories of the Year edited by Otto Penzler. She received a Silver Honorable Mention from Writers of the Future and a Literary Fellowship from the Nevada Arts Council. She’s been a multiple Derringer finalist, and one of her romance stories, originally published as part of WMG’s Holiday Spectacular, was chosen to appear in study materials in Japan for students preparing for college entrance exams.

Annie writes in multiple genres, including mystery, suspense, science fiction, urban and contemporary fantasy, romance, and thrillers, along with the occasional story that doesn’t fall into any one specific genre. She’s a founding member of the Uncollected Anthology, a group composed of some of the best short story writers working in the contemporary and urban fantasy fields. Uncollected Anthology is currently in its tenth year of publishing themed anthologies three times yearly. Annie’s short fiction also appears regularly in Mystery, Crime & Mayhem magazine, and starting this year, she became a regular contributor to Thrill Ride—The Magazine. Her stories have also appeared in twenty-four volumes of Fiction River to date.

Along the way, Annie worked as a radio DJ at a local FM station, was an art instructor, and played in a rock band. Then she went to work for lawyers. She now writes and edits fulltime while continuing to study the craft of writing, because learning never ends and it’s always a surprise how this whole writing thing turns out.

Kind of like her current hobby—sourdough baking.

She also writes novels and cuddles cats.

Annie can be found on web at and on Facebook as annie.reed.142.